Inclusive Tutorials and Resources for Blind and Visually Impaired Musicians

The Accessible Guitar podcast is a free resource that helps musicians with disabilities learn and understand how to use hardware through tutorials and accessible documentation.

After purchasing a piece of gear, a blind or visually impaired musician will often times encounter accessibility challenges when trying to learn and understand the function of the controls and ports. In addition, the documentation for some of this hardware may not be provided in an accessible format, or easily readable with assistive technology. This podcast seeks to provide information about individual guitar pedals and gear, to supplement the documented information on this site. After listening to an episode or reading the associated article, it is my hope that a musician can use the pedal independently.

Each episode will include documentation that provides information as to the layout of the hardware, each control and port, and tips and tricks learned while creating the documentation or through use. The post will also contain links to a manual; in the event that the manual is not accessible, I will do my best to provide the information.

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